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Aberystwyth Promenade in April

Arial photo of UK “A special place for special people.” Lle arbennig am bobl arbennig.
- J. Greenaway 2006

I live in Aberystwyth, a small university town on the west coast of Wales. And it is wonderful. You pronounce it “abba-WRIST-with”.

Something magical is to be seen here every day.  It possibly has the highest ratio of books to people of anywhere in the world - with the National Library of Wales and two university libraries, and a population under 20000.  But it is still the biggest place for about 50 miles around.  It isn’t, but might have been, twinned with Timbuktu in Mali.

I came as a student and for now I am staying here as a ‘grown-up’.  It is an end-of-the-line place (quite literally). A place of musty bookshops, Welsh-English bilingualism, chance encounters with friends, starlings, sunsets, tiny football stadia, coffee shops, little esoteric streets, students, tourists, hippies, wind, rain and love.

Everyone in the world seems to have a connection to Aberystwyth.  And they always love it.  If it takes six links to connect everyone in the world, it probably only takes three to somehow get to Aberystwyth.

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